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Questions about the ATAR

Do Students at seda college get an hsc?

Yes, all of our students are studying a full Higher School Certificate program and will graduate with their HSC, as long as they complete the requirements of the course.

Do Students at SEDA College get an ATAR?

No, we do not participate in the ATAR program. We believe that alongside academic learning, students need to gain real-life skills that equip them to succeed in work, study and life after year 12. We deliberately do not offer an ATAR program as we want to move away from the high stress and narrow focus of traditional schooling. We strive to ensure our students are balanced, active, healthy, mentally and physically resilient, and ready for life after graduation, whatever path that may be.

What is an atar?

The ATAR is a rank given to students who participate in the ATAR stream for their HSC. It is not a percentage or an average of exam marks or grades. It is a way of ranking students who sit a certain number of eligible exams from the highest to the lowest and it is designed to make it easy for universities to rank students so they can pick who to offer places to.

Do I need an ATAR to go to University?

No, you do not need an ATAR to go to Uni. Most years, SEDA College has about 35% of students proceed directly into University courses straight from year 12 – none of them has an ATAR. As an example, 59% of all 2020 graduates were enrolled in post-school study (at March 2021); and 35% of all SEDA 2020 graduates are at Universities, studying undergraduate degree courses.

Most of our students who proceed to University are studying in Sports, Business, or Accounting degrees, with some in Education and Journalism. For students wishing to study high level or pure mathematics or science degrees, or law, architecture, medicine, and some other disciplines traditionally associated with very high ATAR results, you would usually need to complete a bridging course or other first-year University level course to gain entry to these.

How do you get into Uni without an ATAR?

There are a number of pathways open to students to apply to University:

  • Register with UAC, then use the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS)
  • Register with UAC, then use the Educational Access Scheme (EAS)
  • Apply directly (see the relevant university’s website or UAC for details)
  • Use Sporting skill scholarships and access pathways for elite athletes
  • Entering via a University Diploma pathway which gives credit towards the first year of the degree
  • Completing a TAFE Diploma in the year after year 12 and then applying directly to the University
  • Completing first year university courses while at SEDA in order to show proficiency in an area of study
  • Apply for early entry and complete an interview, drawing on volunteering and industry experience and qualifications gained at SEDA
  • Sitting the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) test

Lilly graduated in 2020 from our non-ATAR Western Sydney Wanderers Program gaining First Place in NSW for Standard Mathematics 1. She was accepted into ACU in 2021 and is studying a double degree in Exercise and Sports Science and Nutrition Science.

Lachlan graduated in 2017 from our non-ATAR Cricket program, having sat only 2 external exams (PDHPE and Business). He was accepted straight into ACU in 2018 for a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and graduated in 2020.

Isaac graduated in 2020 from our non-ATAR Rabbitohs program and has been accepted into Western Sydney University in 2021 to study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. Issac was also on the NSW HSC distinguished achievers list in 2020.