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Leaders in Lockdown Learning

A better way to learn... even from home

When challenges like remote learning come our way, our students are ready. Because the truth is, we are always providing a better learning experience regardless of where our students are learning from.

Always Online

Our students work in our online education framework, even when we are working together in the classroom. This means that a disruption to face to face learning has minimal impact on our productivity.

Always Flexible

We bring out the best in our students by focusing on their passion. This doesn’t stop when we switch to learning remotely. Our teachers are still running group work, teaching practical skills and engaging our students with creative online learning challenges.

Always winning

In 2020, despite the pandemic-related interruptions to the HSC, 100% of our students completed the HSC and earned VET qualifications. 7 students were in the NSW HSC Distinguished Achievers List and one topped NSW in Standard Maths. Fast forward to March 2021 and 97% of our 2020 graduates are employed, studying or playing sport professionally.

Take a look at some of the feedback we have received during these challenging times:

​​“I have spoken to so many friends who are having the hardest time with their kids and remote learning. I must say I’ve been so impressed how SEDA is doing the remote learning. The teacher is amazing (all my kids are working from their 3 separate rooms) and I can constantly hear my daughter interacting with the class / asking questions/ the teacher interacting – it's great.”

​​“I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for all of the updates and hard work that must go on behind the scenes. My son hated online learning at his previous school due to unorganised teachers and broken website links but on Monday he was up, dressed and ready for the day. He enjoyed the task the teacher set for them so much so yesterday that he was still playing around with the 'new skill' that he needed to learn when I got home after 5pm!”

We make sure learning from home is just as unique as our schooling experience, have a look for yourself:


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