Beyond the Classroom

Your time at SEDA will take you through a variety of settings beyond the classroom so you can play to your strengths and find new ones. Find out what really matters to you as you deliver coaching clinics, rotate through work placements and undertake community volunteering.

Work Placement


Developing employable skills during your time at school will help you to successfully transition into the workforce after Year 12. While you study, you’ll make strong connections and build your network through a range of work placements.

Work placement not only provides you with the opportunity to work in a range of organisations and a variety of different roles, but it also allows you to identify where your interests really lie for future employment  – and you might be surprised!

Primary School Sporting Clinics

Our students love their sport so much that we channel that enthusiasm back into primary schools in the hope that we can ignite these same passions in younger students. 

After gaining coaching qualifications in your chosen sport early in Year 11, you’ll work as a team with your class to deliver sporting clinics at primary schools on behalf of SEDA and your sporting industry partner. You’ll develop your planning and teamwork skills as you provide these clinics to students across a diverse range of age groups and capabilities, including students with disabilities.

Community Volunteering

We recognise that young people develop both individually and socially from working in the community. This is why we integrate community participation and volunteering into our curriculum. 

All students are encouraged to undertake voluntary work in their local communities to develop their personal skills, work skills and experience. By volunteering with partners at game days and through community outreach projects, students develop a range of skills that employers view as important for successful employment.

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