Why Choose SEDA College NSW?

Combine Year 11 and 12 with something you already love!

Our focus on sport, paired with our partnerships with industry-leading sports clubs and organisations means that you’ll get unrivalled opportunities to network and learn from some of the best in the sporting industry while you finish school. 

We aim to bring out your hidden talents by focusing on your passion, and by taking an active and applied approach to your learning. There are four key areas that define us:

Why Do Students Choose SEDA College?

Individual learning approach


Our ‘one teacher’ to ‘one class’ approach means our teachers take on a true mentoring role, getting to know you and your individual aspirations. They’re there to support you as you learn through your own experiences and define your own path. 

Your teacher is on hand to help you develop a career plan that will help you identify opportunities to develop the skills you’ll need for your future. We help you establish your career goals and support you in sourcing work placements to get you real-world skills and training. 

Along the way, you will develop a professional portfolio of experiences and achievements that relate to your career plan.

Connect to industry


Our relationships with amazing sporting partners are what set us apart. Combined with teacher-led activities, you will gain practical skills through a wide range of industry learning experiences you won’t find anywhere else. 

Our connection to the sporting industry means that we know the key personal qualities and transferable skills they look for when hiring. We place as much importance on developing these ‘soft skills’ as your academic progress. 

We develop our curriculum with our industry partners in mind, so it’s relevant to your life beyond school and will help you find a job – whether in the sporting industry or elsewhere.

Through our applied industry-based learning approach, students acquire the skills to support future educational and employment pathways.

Learn outside the classroom


We get outside the classroom and undertake active learning in real community and workplace settings. We don’t believe that learning only takes place in an academic setting, and we encourage questions, conversations and lots of movement.

You’ll get out of your comfort zone and make mistakes – but that’s okay. This is where the real learning takes place and you’ll be supported all the way.

Once each student’s career goals are established, they are guided to source appropriate industry placements to help them gain real-world skills and training. A professional portfolio is developed, highlighting each student’s experiences and achievements specific to their individual career pathway.

Develop the skills that really matter


We know from our connection to the industry the key personal qualities and transferable skills that they are after. And we place as much importance on developing these as academic progress. Through a tailored, individual approach your teacher will support you as you develop these skills to set you on a pathway to success.

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