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SEDA College NSW is an independent, co-educational Year 11 and 12 school providing HSC programs in a hands-on, sports industry-based environment. We aim to bring out the best in our students by taking a different approach to the final years of high school.

Welcome to SEDA College NSW

SEDA College NSW provides an exciting and positive alternative to traditional senior schooling, with an HSC course designed to engage students with their learning, and employer them to achieve personal growth and success during and beyond school The College’s aim is to develop an engaging and caring learning environment that fosters the holistic growth of each young person, and provides pathways to lifelong learning.

At SEDA College NSW, students benefit from being exposed to high standards and a range of learning opportunities, allowing them to reach their personal and career goals. It is our intention to produce graduates who are confident learners, care for and about others, and are optimistic about their future. Our hope is that they will become well-rounded individuals who want to make a difference on both the local and global stage.

We believe the key component of an engaging education is interest-based learning. The College promotes a model of learning the places students and their life choices at the centre of everything we do. 

At SEDA College NSW, hands-on learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom, so that students form a deeper connection to their education. Students also undertake industry placement and community work throughout their time at the College, to develop their work readiness and community awareness.

SEDA College NSW promotes strong relationships between students and staff. The ‘one teacher, one class’ model allows the teacher to really get to know their students, their personal circumstances and their career aspirations, and to help them develop confidence and lifelong learning skills.

The College has a strong pastoral care model which is led by our teachers. Our teachers are educators, mentors, career advisors, workplace supervisors and frontline mental and physical health advocates for our students. Our students, their families and our teachers work collaboratively to find productive ways to resolve the challenges that arise during a student’s time at school.

On behalf of the SEDA College NSW Council, and our teaching and administrative staff, I invite you. We look forward to working with you and watching our students grow in confidence and skills over the final years of their secondary education.

Kate O’Donnell

SEDA College Principal and College Council Member Kate O'Donnell

Industry Partners

At SEDA College NSW, we are immensely proud to partner with some of the biggest names in sport. These partnerships allow us to provide amazing experiences in the sporting industry through club inductions, match day experiences, community events, participation programs and work placement opportunities. By combining these partnerships with our active learning model, our students gain the skills they need for successful futures.

We proudly partner with these organisations.

Because of SEDA College...

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