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Beyond the Classroom

Industry Placement

SEDA College students are provided with the opportunity to make strong connections to industry through a range of experiences including industry placement.

SEDA College believes it is important for students to develop employability skills during their time at school. This ensures that each student can successfully transition into the workforce following completion of their HSC and higher education studies.

Through industry placement at SEDA College, students are given the opportunity to work in a range of organisations and experience a variety of different work roles. This allows students to develop their work skills and identify where their interests may lie for future employment. It also provides invaluable experience for students and assists them when applying for future work or further study.

Clinics and Participation Programs

Engagement with the community is a fundamental part of a student’s experience at SEDA College. We recognise that young people can develop individually and socially from working within the community.

An integral part of a young person’s maturity is developing an understanding of the contribution they can make to their community. Through involvement in community days and execution of community projects, students develop a range of project management skills essential for employment.

Through the SEDA Program, students work with many community groups including Primary schools, students with disabilities, and communities in need of assistance.


SEDA College encourages all students to undertake voluntary work within their community to develop their personal skills and attributes, work skills, industry knowledge and experience.